Clean India Campaign – Toilet Blocks

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign) is an ambitious project launched by the Honourable Prime Minister of India – Mr Narendra Modi – in 2014, to provide hygiene and sanitation facilities to every person in India, as well as building toilets and providing drinking water facilities to every Government and Government-aided school. The Campaign was based on the vision of Mahatma Gandhi of “being the change that you want to see in the world”. Every Member of Parliament in India has been tasked with providing  public toilets and drinking water facilities in their Constituency.

The Ranchhod Group has teamed up with Dr Udit Raj, Member of Parliament to construct a toilet block in Jaunti, North West Delhi. The Ranchhod Group has provided the cost of constructing the toilet complex and the land is being provided by the Government for this initiative. We are proud to be associated with the Clean India Campaign and in making a difference to hygiene and cleanliness issues in India.

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Water Purification System Donated in Mumbai

In January 2013, we had the privilege of visiting P & Saha Vidya Mandir School in rural Mumbai to see the results of the water purification system donated by the Ranchhod Foundation in conjuction with World Vision. The results and benefits of this system, which was one of five donated by the Foundation to rural schools in Mumbai, India, were extraordinary. The teachers and Principal alike raved about better pass rates, less sickness and more alertness from their students since the implementation of the water system. They were very keen to tell us that one of their students achieved the second best exam results in the whole of Mumbai. The school is still , in our eyes, very run down and in dire need of physical improvement, however it was great to see that a simple thing like purified water, something our own children take for granted in New Zealand, has made such a substantial impact to the well-being of the students at this rural School.


Mahesh Ranchhod trying out the purified waterThe Ranchhod family with students of the School
The Ranchhod family checks out the new purification system
The old water system
The Ranchhod family with students of the School

Medical Camps


The Foundation sponsors medical camps held on a regular basis in Mysore, near Bangalore, India. These camps are held with the support of the Arka Foundation of India.

Hundreds of underprivleged children and adults attend the medical camps for free medical advice from qualified doctors in the area.   Doctors and nurses travel to remote neighbouring areas to assist patients whom may not otherwise receive medical care.

The medical camps are fully funded by the Ranchhod Foundation from the doctors’ salaries to patient prescriptions. These camps are often conducted at Schools so that the younger generation may also benefit from good health and well-being.







School Water Projects with World Vision

The Ranchhod Foundation’s exciting partnership with World Vision

The Ranchhod Foundation has established a new and exciting partnership with international humanitarian aid agency World Vision. Like the Foundation, World Vision is committed to the betterment of humankind. It is a child focused organisation, dedicated to overcoming poverty and injustice globally.

The Foundation has embarked on a project with World Vision to install water filtration units into schools in Mumbai West with the aim of improving access to clean potable water to school children. The filtration units will prevent sickness and in turn, improve school attendance. More than 3,000 children currently enrolled are set to directly benefit.

The Foundation has agreed to contribute NZ$15,000, which will be used to install water filtration units into three schools; namely, Jai Maharasthtra Ganesh maidan BMC School, P & Saha Vidya Mandir School, and Meghwadi BMC Hindi School.  Further funding is required to install water filteration units into more schools.

A representative from the Ranchhod Foundation visited the project in early 2012 to assess project progress and learn more about the work of World Vision.


Below are some photos of the current state of the three Schools that the water projects are being implemenented.  The water is currently poorly stored, often in toilet areas, and used for drinking.

We look forward to seeing the progress of the water projects, and will post updated photos as they become available.



If you would like to help Ranchhod Foundation and World Vision complete this project by donating, please contact Charmian Oh, Development Partners Manager at

For more information about World Vision visit its website here.




























Hands-on Service at Schools

Mr Mahesh Ranchhod visited a few Schools and Orphanages in his travels to Mysore, India. A lot of these rural schools are without Government assistance, and provide education to very low socio-economic children. Upon seeing this, Mahesh intuitively decided to supply these children with exercise books and pencils. The reaction of these children’s faces were overwhelming.

Haemo Dialysis Machine

A Haemo Dialysis Machine was received by K D N Gohil Hospital to commomorate the Anniversary of Late Dr Ajita Mehta through a generous donation and has been put under use from 6 Febraury 2012. The equipment is of German make M/s Fresinius Medical Care.


The Inauguration was done by Mr Ramanbhai Ranchhod of the Ranchhod Foundation based in New Zealand and Australia. Mr Keyur from Macson Products was also present representing the donor’s family and company.


Several patients with kidney disorders will benefit from Haemo Dialysis, and will be charged at extremely charitable rates of USD 10 per Dialysis. The patients will also be provided with free Dialysers, tubing set, fissula needles, saline etc required during Haemo Dialysis. The above charge of USD 10 also includes charges of Doctors. The rates are highly subsidized to help patients. The entire cost is borne by Hospital and is recovered from community donations to help patients.


Free Eye Camps in Rural South India

The Ranchhod Foundation, in conjunction with the CBM New Zealand and the Good Samaritan Rural Development Project, sponsor free eye camps in the various villages in South India.

Three screening camps have taken place so far this year. The Kambainallur village camp was organised on 22nd February and the following camps at Asiriyar Nagar and Vengalapuram village was organised on the 29th February. A total of 420 clients benefited from this programme and we were able to cater to needs of 37 clients who were poor & needy. A team from the base hospital consisting of the Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmic technician, camp organizer and nurses attended the camp. The publicity for the camp was done with the support of the local community organizations and local informal leaders.

The sponsorship will result in 100 cataract opertations being performed free of charge, 100 spectacles being produced free of charge, and subsidies for travel and food being offered. Further eye camps are being organised to reach these goals.











A technician checks the blood pressure of a patient before admission for surgery. 191 outpatients attended the eye screening camp. 28 patients were under went cataract surgery through this camp.

Navsari Eye Camps 2011

In January 2011, the Ranchhod Group sponsored two Free Eye Camps in co-operation with the Rotary Eye Institute in Navsari.  This project saw a total of 1355 patients examined, 463 of which received subsequent cataract operations and 363 patients with refractive error were given glasses. The Ranchhod family personally attended these camps and were “overwhelmed at the sight of such a huge crowd of patients and their relatives queuing for an examination from morning to late afternoon in order to receive a basic necessity for living – that of sight”.

Baby Monitor Donated

Raman and Mahesh Ranchhod with the baby monitor donated to Navsari Local Hospital.

Ranchhod Foundation donated a baby monitor to a local hospital at Navsari, Gujarat, India in the month of January, 2011.

Sponsor of 100 students of Education Trust

The Foundation also supports the Manilal Bhanabhai Gohil Education Trust which is a free Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School in Navsari, India, founded by Mr Manilal Gohil. It runs with absolutely no financial assistance from the Government and yet can accommodate 3,000 students who receive an education, which they may not have been able to afford if they had to pay fees. Fees are sponsored by many donors around the world. The Ranchhod Foundation sponsors 100 students at the School.