Ongoing Projects

Ranchhod Foundation Wishes

The Ranchhod Foundation and Indian Newslink have established Ranchhod Foundation Wishes in memory of our late and beloved father Mr Raman Ranchhod. The aim of Wishes is to change the life of a person suffering from a life-debilitating or terminal medical condition, or a genuine hardship due to circumstances beyond their control. The applications are now open to any person of any age, and can be downloaded from the Indian Newslink website ( The wishes will be vetted on behalf of the Ranchhod Foundation and Indian Newslink through a Board. This is an ongoing and annual project.

The Ranchhod Foundation’s exciting new partnership with Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust

The Ranchhod Foundation has established a new and exciting partnership with Auckland based Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust to assist with senior citizens from the Indian and South Asian communities who are in an abusive environment, at risk of being abused, or in dire need of emergency housing.

In line with the vision of the Ranchhod Foundation, being the betterment of humankind, Shanti Niwas  has been providing culturally appropriate services for the enhancement and wellbeing of older people living in the Auckland region for many years.

We are excited to be part of the Shanti Niwas Emergency Housing Project to enable senior citizens to lead a good quality life by providing them with the required support services.


Fiji Humanitarian Aid

The Ranchhod Foundation are proud to be able to provide humanitarian aid in Fiji. We visit Fiji atleast twice a year offering aid to orphanages, retirement homes, village locals, people in need of medical aid and mental health aid.  We passionately and assertively find people in need of support and do our best to ensure that their basic needs are looked after with whatever means we can provide. It is a humbling and heart-satisfying experience each and every time we visit Fiji.

The Ranchhod Foundation’s partnership with World Vision

The Ranchhod Foundation has established an ongoing partnership with international humanitarian aid agency World Vision. Like the Foundation, World Vision is committed to the betterment of humankind. It is a child focused organisation, dedicated to overcoming poverty and injustice globally.

The Foundation has embarked on a project with World Vision to install water filtration units into schools in Mumbai West with the aim of improving access to clean potable water to school children. The filtration units will prevent sickness and in turn, improve school attendance. More than 3,000 children currently enrolled are set to directly benefit.

The Foundation has agreed to contribute NZ$15,000, which will be used to install water filtration units into three schools; namely, Jai Maharasthtra Ganesh maidan BMC School, P & Saha Vidya Mandir School, and Meghwadi BMC Hindi School.  Further funding is required to install water filteration units into more schools.

A representative from the Ranchhod Foundation visited the project in early 2012 to assess project progress and learn more about the work of World Vision.

For more information about World Vision visit its website here.

Sponsorship of Student Fees

The Ranchhod Foundation sponsor students at the Manilal Bhanabhai Gohil Education Institute in the outskirts of Navsari, in the Gujarat State of India. This Institute provides kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education free of charge and was set up by Manilal Bhanabhai, a doctor by profession with a passion for the betterment of the younger generation in the area, many of whom would have otherwise been compelled to leave studies due to family commitments and lack of income. The Institute has the capacity to house 3,000 students.

Free Medical camps

The Foundation sponsors medical camps held on a regular basis in Mysore, near Bangalore,  and in Navsari, Gujarat, India.

Hundreds of underprivleged children and adults attend the medical camps for free medical advice from qualified doctors in the area.   Doctors and nurses travel to remote neighbouring areas to assist patients whom may not otherwise receive medical care.

The medical camps are fully funded by the Ranchhod Foundation from the doctors’ salaries to patient prescriptions. These camps are often conducted at Schools so that the younger generation may also benefit from good health and well-being.