School Supplies in Mysore

Mahesh Ranchhod with the desks and benches donated to the AVK School in Mysore.

Mr Mahesh Ranchhod visited a few Schools and Orphanages in his travels to Mysore, India. A lot of these rural schools are without Government assistance, and provide education to very low socio-economic children. Upon seeing this, Mahesh intuitively decided to supply these children with exercise books and pencils. The reaction of these children’s faces were overwhelming.

Medical camp at Shindenahalli school

A Medical Camp was held in association with Arka Foundation for the children of Shindenahalli school at Shindenahalli village, Mysore, India on 1st August, 2011.

A medical health camp was organised by Ranchhod Foundation in association with Arka Foundation, Mysore at Govt. Higher Primary School, Shindenahalli, Mysore on 1st August 2011 for students of Shindenahalli school. The school has a strength of about 150 students.

Ranchhod Urban Health Centre

In January 2013, after two years of development, the Ranchhod family proudly opened the Laduben Ranchhod Urban Health Centre in Navsari, India.

We are very excited about this project, which we have dedicated to our late Grandmother – Mrs Laduben Ramabhai Ranchhod.  The Health Centre is providing medical services (including radiology services such as xrays and foetal ultrasounds) free of charge to rural citizens who might not have otherwise been able to afford treatment.

The Hospital was opened humbly in December 2012 in the presence of family, friends, and local Government officials.  The Hospital was visited by Mr Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat in March 2013, who acknowledged the development of the Hospital and the services provided.

Following are an array of photos from the development to the opening of the Hospital: